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How it all Starts....
My name is Bianca Maas-Saasen from Eindhoven , The Netherlands.
My first Lhasa Apso was a gift from my parents to me, and this dog’s name
was Juanita-djo van Ebbink’s Hoeve. The breeder had told  me that this dog
had show potential and so started my show carrier.

With Juanita I go to a few shows, but my wish was to have the American type
of Lhasa.
So I contacted Anke de Wijs from Chakpori’s kennel and so I became the owner
of the world famous dog Chakpori’s Mao.
Chakpori's Mao
I brought Mao to the top and also his sons, Quinto v.d. Pacific Paradise and
Di-angelo v.d. Pacific Paradise, that was a really a great time for me.
Quinto vd Pacific Paradise
Di-Angelo vd Pacific Paradise
Unfortunately my mom past away, and she was my biggest fan at the showring.
So the passion faded away and was gone after a while…

Than my life went into another direction. I got married and had 3 children.
I couldn’t resist to go breeding again, this time no dogs but the beautiful
Frisian horses.
Our stable is called after Quinto, so my Lhasa will not be forgotten…

Jessica was there at the beginning of my dog carrier and also with the horses.
She bought Dusky from me and wanted to give  v.d. Pacific Paradise a new life.

Jessica and me in the ring
Jessica with Dusky
So I gave her the kennel name and I fully trusted in her that she would
do everything with the same passion as I did before.
I wish her good luck with everything and hope that she will
walk in my footsteps someday…

Best regards ,

Bianca Saasen.